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Designer inspired by nature

Sanne creates leaves, vegetables and sculptures in bronze.

Sanne Bernhart

immortalising details from nature

Sanne’s work is a statement, a memory, a decoration, a witness, a pampering. But at the same time it is a coat rack, a lamp, a tin or a bowl. Every creation has it in itself to be art.

A work of art which you automatically want to use. Tot give it a purpose, but then with the WOW factor. A WOW fruit bowl a WOW lamp or just a thing with a WOW as decoration.

In everything Sanne Bernhart creates, she asks herself: “is it going to be, or can it become a WOW?” That is how she bought her first pieces of art herself. And that’s how she makes her own art. It deserves to participate in the life of the happy owner. That’s the WOW Sanne Bernhart is looking for.

Everything in nature has one purpose; reproduction.

Sanne Bernhart

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Drawing, painting, designing her own clothes – creativity runs in Sanne Bernhart’s blood. After two successful careers in education and lifestyle coaching, her desire to create something new won out when she discovered an art form that made her decide to focus more on becoming an artist.

Sanne’s passion for detail and refinement on one hand, and her desire to work with and manipulate rough materials on the other, is reflected in her creation of bronze sculptures. Nature is her source of inspiration; in the leaves of a cabbage, Sanne sees a bowl. Once immortalized in bronze, a rhubarb leaf becomes a valuable conversation piece. And from more than a hundred fig leaves, a woman emerges.

Sanne’s work has a mystical, elusive quality to it, with the naked vulnerability of nature literally cast in bronze. It’s art to be enjoyed daily, and perhaps a message to cherish nature as we do art.

Born in Amsterdam on January 6, 1972, and trained as a teacher, Sanne chose to teach at a Montessori school. The principles of Montessori education, where creative ability and self-sufficiency are central, have always appealed to Sanne, and are the driving force behind her choice to become an artist, as well as evident in her work.

Sanne Bernhart loves sports and, as she puts it, “has a few pairs of shoes for every sport.” This led to a career switch; after studying physical and medical coaching, teaching children became teaching adults how to live a healthier, more balanced life.

In search of the perfect balance, Sanne studied Eastern wisdom, became proficient in yoga and Eastern health culture. From 2014, she collected the evidence and practice based knowledge and during Corona time she published her lifestyle book ‘Food Fit Focus.’

The book marked the end of a period, or perhaps the beginning of something new. Exercise took her outside, into nature. As an “eye person,” Sanne saw details that others missed, and her love of nature grew. Wherever she goes in the world, she takes something with her, from stones and feathers to the pods of an acacia tree.

“The beauty of nature captured and cast in bronze, harmony and structure as precious jewels to behold. A reflection of the grandeur of Mother Earth, a timeless creation of inestimable attraction.”

As an art designer, she works in her studio in Loenen aan de Vecht and in her trusted bronze foundry, Steylart in Waardenburg, for finishing. Sanding, milling, polishing and patinating. Leaves, vegetables and fruit immortalized in a bronze work.

Martin de Munnik

Martin de Munnik

"I still remember her first piece of work; modest, careful, a bowl because 'art can also have a function'.

And then there is l'Eve, wow. Each leaf handmade. No function other than being beautiful, stunning even."

Martin de Munnik,


Edwin Voûte

her work is sophisticated. Made with such attention and love Edwin Voute Gallery Voute Schiedam

Miryam Obdeijn review

Miryam Obdeijn

Sanne's art is simple and complex at the same time. Simple because they are everyday things, vegetables and fruit, but rendered in bronze with so much detail that only then do you begin to see the complexity. We have a beautiful rhubarb leaf hanging on our wall. Big and heavy, but as it hangs there it seems light and delicate. That is perhaps the special thing about Sanne's art. She shows us, through her eyes, the beautiful details we would otherwise just pass by....

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