Bronze Sculptures


She gave him a fig leaf;
To cover his nakedness; 
Caused by the missing rib.




L’Eve | Gold plated bronze. 24 Carat pure gold. 

L’Eve || Green Patina.

L’Eve ||| Bronze Colour.


33 W x  17 D x 90 H

Unique pieces. 

Prices on request. 

We ship worldwide.









the proud and self-assured woman, stands before us, surrounded by the delicate beauty of fig leaves that drape her body. While shown as half-naked, she exudes an unparalleled strength that reveals her connection to the divine nature.


Although the myth of her creation – from Adam’s rib – has influenced her history, L’Eve possesses the inner strength to define herself and break free from established norms and expectations. Her presence, powerful and independent, is a tribute to all women who stand up for themselves and find their own path in this world.


It is not just a nod to her creation, but also a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. It reminds us that we are all made of the same elements and that we all play an important role in the larger scheme of life. It symbolizes respect for nature and for each other, calling for solidarity and harmony.


L’Eve is not just a beautiful image of a woman, but also a symbol of strength and connectedness. She inspires us to find our own way and connect with others to create a better world together.

Photos by Len Land
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